The Coronavirus has changed how we will live and destroyed economies all over the world, as a city we also must change if we want to survive.


As a city we have an unwanted but an opportunity to change and we need to look to the future.


We need better and stronger resources and a more secure social system locally and nationally to protect our elders and vulnerable, the amount of money we have spent as of late shows that we could of ended rough sleeping years ago.


As a city we need more people in better paid employment and to do this we must become attractive to investors from all over the world. To become attractive to investors we need great transport links for many reasons, so we now must improve our rail, air and road access points, we need a local airport and faster rail.


Our city has so much to offer and we are next to the sea, they call Plymouth the Ocean city but we have no cruise terminal or dedicated port. This needs to change and we need four and five star hotels for our guest to stay in.


We waste to much money on local democracy and we do not need fifty seven councillors and a Lord Mayor, we need a streamlined system that has productive well paid councillors, so they do not need to work in the local shop and a true city leader who is elected by the whole of the city and not just by a few people in one ward, why are civil servants getting paid such a high wage in excess of £100,000?


Our city sits on the sea but we see no wave power and very little in the way of wind power production, why not? as if we invest and build this, then the output is almost free. Dartmoor has much empty land and we do not want to wreck this but surely we could use some of the land to plant trees?


We all desperately need to change as we have become split as a society and most of us now judge each other on how we vote and fail to work with others that they do not like, even if their ideas could be productive and in the best interest of everyone.


The Coronavirus has shown us that we can work together and we can help each other for the greater good and now we are saying to put this into practice for our children's futures.

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Active For Plymouth is a small LOCAL political party in #Plymouth. Our aims are to grow support and to fight for the people of the city by holding the council & councillors to account.