Plymouth has the potential to be a great city, if not the UK's best and most prosperous city. We are failed time and time again by our MP's and local council and that is YOUR FAULT for voting in the same old people who have no vision.


Plymouth needs an Airport and Plymouth needs a better and more streamlined democratic setup.

Instead of building more and new empty student flats for a tax con and empty shops at the bottom of every new build we need to be building infrastructure and making what we have already work.

We spend millions on new road layouts and we spend millions on new shopping buildings when we already have the basics in-place.


Our roads need to be widened, resurfaced and the traffic lights need to work more speedy. We need to fill in the potholes and we need more parking spaces that are low cost for the user. Whoever runs Greenbank should hold their heads in shame as it has now been named the area that has the worst roads in England by the J&I monitoring group.




Our city has layers of bureaucracy that cost us all money and we have no need for 57 overpaid Councillors who do nothing but turn up once every three months for a chat and giggle. We need just 12 voting wards and just 12 Councillors.


Plymouth is run by a city leader who has just 1400 votes, this is no mandate to run a city of 260,000 people! Plymouth needs a real leader with business sense who is elected by the whole city.


The Plymouth Hoe should be a world wide attraction, the area should be painted up and the seafront should have clubs, coffee shops and even a casino built on the rocks, we would even go as far as saying the Hoe needs a world class roller coaster and other entertainment ideas. It may sound silly to some but the Hoe has the potential to bring millions to Plymouth. At the moment the Hoe's infrastructure looks old, 70's old and the WC's can be smelt from Exeter.


The Mayflower celebrations are small and pointless TBH, we should have all these ideas we have in practice already and we should be selling Plymouth to the USA and world EVERY YEAR.


Plymouth does not need to rebuild but it needs to clean up and make what we have work to keep the cost down.


We desperately need an Airport to bring people to the city and we need to fight for faster rail links as ATM the elderly and disabled struggle to travel to our great city.


Plymouth could be the best city in Europe but with our stuffy council and pointless MP's Plymouth will continue to fail.

Over many years we have been stuck with the same old tag teams of Labour & the Tories and we now aim to give the people of the city a voice.

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Active For Plymouth is a small LOCAL political party in #Plymouth. Our aims are to grow support and to fight for the people of the city by holding the council & councillors to account.