Active For Plymouth Statement

Active For Plymouth Statement.

For many years our city has been in decline and for many years the two main political parties have failed to listen to us ''The people'' We are no great politicians but we as people know that an effort must be made to change the ''SYSTEM'' and this must start at the grass roots.

The media protect the political team that they have chosen to back and any other team will be attacked to try and silence them. The media has helped in the decline of our city as they have failed to identify problems such as LOBO loans as they try to protect the team that they back and by doing this they have also harmed the future prospects of our city.

Voting is at an all time low in local elections as people are disenfranchised by the state of our politics locally and nationally but people need to stand and to be counted and people need to hold the main parties to account and this is why Active For Plymouth is trying to give the people of Plymouth a working persons voice. We can in the future hold the large parties to account but we can only do this with your support and backing at the ballot box, so please get out and give yourself a voice, hold the main parties to account and VOTE.

Our city is failing, our bins are full, we have slow transport, no Airport, bad rail, empty student flats, declining industry, poor roads and a list that would go on for hours if we were to put all of the failings of the council down in writing but one thing is for sure and that is YOUR COUNCIL TAX WILL RISE due to the miss spending of our money.

You can take the local medias word as gospel if you wish or you can believe a red or blue flyer posted through your door but instead why not question the authorities and ask how much we spend on the rising LOBO loan debt? question where the money has gone? and ask Councillors to put thier promises in ink with a guarantee that if they fail on their promises then they will step down from office?

Active For Plymouth want to see the councils democratic setup radically changed to represent the people of the city and we want the right to RECALL Councillors if they are failing or if they make silly Nazi salutes while in the council chambers live on video.

We want a city wide elected leader who can represent the whole of Plymouth and not just some ward Councillor with a few thousand votes and then thinks that he or she represents a city of 260,000 people. We want a professional to lead our city with the backing of the majority of the electorate.

We want to save the city money and we want to have evenly balanced voting wards with fewer but more professional Councillors running our city as at the moment we have 57 who do not a lot.

We want an ONLINE DIRECT DEMOCRACY system put into place so that the electorate can interact with the council and that the electorate have the final say on council plans and motions holding the council to account. Would anyone actually vote to fill in the subways for no real good reason?

Active For Plymouth can work for our city but we need your backing, votes, ideas and your support. We can over a few years make changes in Plymouth for the better.

Please support us in our efforts and even better stand as a candidate YOURSELF!


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Active For Plymouth is a small LOCAL political party in #Plymouth. Our aims are to grow support and to fight for the people of the city by holding the council & councillors to account.