1. Direct Democracy system introduced into PCC to return democracy to the electorate..

2. Remove the UN-Democratic cabinet system from PCC saving over £500000 per year.

3. Fight to see Plymouth save over 1/2 million pounds per year (£500000) by reducing the number of city Councillors by 1/3rd.

4. Find way's to finance & Re-Open Council controlled retirement homes.

5. Fight to stop zero hours contracts for employees who are paid from Council funds and make sure ALL contractor's offer part time and full hours living wage contract's.

6. Stop the City's borrowing of LOBO loans as we have been plunged into A debt of over 150 MILLION pound's and we pay back over 3.5 MILLION pounds in interest alone per year that our kid's will have to pay back.

7. Stop excessive Bailiff charges on Parking and Council Tax arrears, by ONLY dealing with firms that are FAIR with customer charges.

8. Reduce City parking charges to make the City more attractive to shopper's and identify where more parking areas can be placed. Car Parking in the city £1 per hour.

9. Get the repairs we need done to the roads and stop the waste of cash to place traffic island's and traffic lights all over the City halting the flow of traffic. All roads to have speed humps removed over time. All roads to have chicanes removed. All roads to improve the flow of faster traffic. Free to use bus lanes after 6pm city wide. End of Cycle lane building. Better synchronized Traffic lights. Removal of traffic lights in favor of junctions and free flowing traffic.

10. Provide extra support for the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and children’s services

11. Provide extra support for the local charities that support the local people.

12. Local social housing for the use of local people.

13. Tighten the Taxi licensing law to ensure all drivers are experienced on local roads.

14. Find a way to reopen or relocate our Airport so Plymouth can grow again, Airport subsidised to attract flights to and from Plymouth so to attract business and industry leaders.

15. Fight to improve the Transport links too and from Plymouth. Airport, Fast Rail and Roads. Without a better and faster travel infrastructure Plymouth will not be able to compete for industry or business investment keeping wages in the area low paid.


16. Fight for the rights and earnings of our LOCAL taxi drivers and ensure the dangerous Uber is stopped from trading in Plymouth.

17. Ensure children's school transport services are safe, more efficient and cost effective.

18. Stop the waste of cash in the City and direct the savings to help care for the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and children’s services.

19.Support our forces in the City.

20. Ensure the residents of the City have a voice and all residents are listened too, understood and have Councillors actually working for the residents with their problems and concerns.

21. Removal of the Mayor and replaced by an elected Mayor.

22. Mock of the Mayflower built on the Barbican.

23. The Hoe & Tinside pool brought into the 21st century to attract visitors.

24. Students landlords to pay council tax.

25. 2 New 500 space car parks.

26. New business first 6 months free rent of premises, Steady increase in rents & business rates over the next 2 years.

27. Local mental health improvements funding

28. Support and fight for shorter waiting time for counselling

29. 24hr support for those suffering with mental health issues of all ages

30. Provide financial support to early years care providers and fight for better funding for child care

31. The council need's to respond more quickly and efficiently to illegal entry and residence from travellers, and force them to use designated sites or serious consequences will be put into place

32. Travellers will face large fines for rubbish left and on illegal sites and vehicles will be impounded

33. Better maintenance of green areas and improved play parks 

34. CCTV installed in areas of antisocial behavior

35. More funding for youth activities

36. With GP's and surgery's in crisis we need more not closure and fight to build more minor injuries unit's in the city

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Active For Plymouth is a small LOCAL political party in #Plymouth. Our aims are to grow support and to fight for the people of the city by holding the council & councillors to account.